Cleaning At All Ages: Starting Early And Building The Habit

Cleaning is likely to be a part of our lives for many years.

Rather than being a thankless chore, we can come to see it as a valuable part of our routine; a way of honouring our space, valuing our possessions, and even taking some much-needed ‘me time’!

But to achieve a positive relationship with cleaning and get into the habits that serve a lifetime, it can be helpful to start as early as possible. Whether this means beginning as a young child, or simply getting into an effective cleaning routine right now, it’s never too late to start.

Whatever your age or circumstances, we’re here to show you how cleaning can be a great part of your routine. Read on to discover how to get started.

Early Years And Childhood

If we have very young children in the house, the last thing on our minds — or theirs! — is cleaning. But it’s never too early to start creating positive associations.

Toddlers can learn to tidy away small items after playing, especially if there is easy storage.

Parent favourites include boxes, bins, and easy to reach low shelves for light, soft items that are in no danger of falling.

A quick one-minute tidy at the end of a play session can be a great way to start a positive habit. Even children too young to tidy their own items will learn by seeing us doing the same.

As children get a little older and gain more energy and mobility, cleaning can be made fun!

A game element can be introduced to cleaning and tidying, such as a timer, a competition, or a reward at the end.

Teenage Years

There is an enduring image of the teenage bedroom being cluttered, untidy, and strewn with clothes. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Many teenagers value their own space and sense of independence, so cleaning can be a great way to encourage this. It demonstrates trust with a task, and gives them a degree of autonomy if they know that they are the ones responsible.

Setting boundaries, such as insisting that it must be done weekly or fortnightly can be helpful, as can adding an incentive such as grabbing a coffee or playing with a pet afterwards.

It can also be helpful to make the task more manageable for the teenager in question, perhaps by ensuring they won’t have to spend more than an hour a week cleaning and tidying their bedroom.


Student life often includes living in shared or rented accommodation. Not only can this mean housemates, but it can also include a landlord to please.

Cleaning habits as a student can be crucial. With demands like studying, socialising, and visiting home, getting into a cleaning routine ensures that things don’t simply pile up.

Becoming a student in a shared house can be a great time to set a specific cleaning rota.

Break up the tasks and delegate them. A rota can help keep things fair too, so that no-one is

regularly left with the same unpleasant tasks — like cleaning the toilet!


With a job, a family, or both, the demands on time and energy increase. We may have to keep our mind clutter-free so we can stay on track with obligations and everything we need to do.

A great way to achieve this is with a clean and tidy home. This helps us to stay organised and ensures that everything is easy to find.

We may wish to make our own cleaning routine, for example, or we may decide to invest in equipment that will make our lives easier, such as a reliable vacuum cleaner, or even a Roomba which can complete cleaning tasks automatically.

This may also be a great time to consider a professional cleaner too, like one of our friendly team. Experienced cleaners can easily achieve the very best results, leaving us with more free time and energy.

Later Life

Cleaning is great exercise at any age and helps us to stay supple and mobile. It is a great way to keep on top of our routine, and also to take pride in our own space.

If mobility is an issue, consider hiring a cleaning professional or ask a friend or family member to get involved. There are other options to keep things manageable too — like cleaning as you go, so that things don’t become overwhelming, or only tackling small tasks at a time.

At any age, whether we choose to hire a professional cleaner or do things ourselves, cleaning can be rewarding, beneficial, and fun!